• 25 years

    25 years nurturing Wiltshire business

    This year ‘The Carlton Business Centre’ celebrates its 25-year anniversary. Actually I was completely unaware of this milestone until ‘LinkedIn’ messages began arriving in my ‘Inbox’. It all started during the pernicious 1991 financial crash when we suddenly had an empty building, no income and 15% interest rates. Interesting times indeed! Utilising Margaret Thatcher’s Enterprise […]

  • 3G Aviation

    3G Aviation / 3G Human Factors

    3G Aviation specialise in flight crew training, simulator training and maintenance crew training for the Hercules C130 military aircraft and the Hercules L382 civilian aircraft. There is 99% commonality between the two aircraft. Gordon King is the managing director and he is a flight crew and maintenance crew instructor. All his operators are experienced instructors […]

  • We fit big boats

    Del Norte Technology Ltd

    Del Norte, originally based in Swindon, started at the Okus Industrial Estate before making a number of moves around the town to finally operate from Berkeley House in South Marston in the building where Spitfires were manufactured during World War II. Laurie Smith is the Managing Director and Neil Carter-Davies is the Product Support Manager. […]

  • Akula


    Akula, a high end outdoor furniture supplier to mainly Hotels, Resorts and Spas worldwide, is based in Wetherby, Yorkshire. Their Calne office is run by Mike Weston and Costas Kyprianides. Akula historically sold yarns and textiles but branched out into selling outdoor furniture to the UK market two years ago. The decision was then taken […]

  • A303 - Heli Motorway

    Wiltshire Air Ambulance

    It all started 23 years ago when Wiltshire Police had the idea of hiring a helicopter to help with policing the summer solstice at Stonehenge. During the flight back following the event, the crew spotted a road traffic accident and decided to land and offer assistance. This resulted in a life being saved and an […]

  • Meeting Room

    The Benefits of an Office

    Free ParkingI am often asked if it is better to run your business from home or from an office?

    Quite obviously there are pros and cons for each option.

    Home has the advantages of virtually zero cost (bearing in mind that the costs are already factored in to running your home) apart from some additional heating, power, telephony, wear and tear, and possibly some office furniture. There are also savings associated with not travelling to work.

    Home has the disadvantages of not presenting a professional address, both for mail and visitors. There is the added problem of children crying, washing machines spinning  or dogs barking whilst making that crucial telephone call. Family, visitors, Wimbledon or the Olympics can be a further distraction.