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Del Norte Technology Ltd

We fit big boats

Dredging on the Thames (640x480)Del Norte, originally based in Swindon, started at the Okus Industrial Estate before making a number of moves around the town to finally operate from Berkeley House in South Marston in the building where Spitfires were manufactured during World War II.

Laurie Smith is the Managing Director and Neil Carter-Davies is the Product Support Manager.

Laurie purchased the company in 2000. Neil has worked for the company since 1989.

When Laurie moved to Doncaster to be near his family, it became clear that another move of premises was necessary. Neil lives in Calne so the Carlton Business Centre was an ideal and obvious location for the company’s Southern office.

Del Norte operates all over the UK, servicing over 45 ports and harbour authorities, dredging and marine survey companies. Every Royal Navy ship has a Del Norte portable survey system to enable it to undertake hydrographic surveys.

Hypack software is used in Del Norte equipment with over 300 licenses sold to date.

Del Norte offer two GPS options: – DGPS = differential global positioning systems, accurate to 0.5m or RTK = real time kinematic, accurate to 2cm.

RTK is ideal for dredging work as the barge or vessel moves up and down with the tide, enabling accurate work on the sea bed.

Echo sounders accurately assess the depth of water. Side scan sonar allows the operator to locate items on the sea bed. This was used in the Orkneys to find two 20cm water pipes. It can also be used to locate sunken vessels, for example in Scapa Flow HMS Vanguard was located on the sea bed many years after the magazine exploded on 9th July 1917 sinking the vessel and blasting one of the gun turrets 1km onto dry land.Digging (640x640)

Del Norte offer a complete service, installing and commissioning equipment, training operators and giving all necessary support.

They are clearly very successful as 99% of their custom is repeat business.