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25 years nurturing Wiltshire business

25 years

This year ‘The Carlton Business Centre’ celebrates its 25-year anniversary.

Actually I was completely unaware of this milestone until ‘LinkedIn’ messages began arriving in my ‘Inbox’.

It all started during the pernicious 1991 financial crash when we suddenly had an empty building, no income and 15% interest rates. Interesting times indeed! Utilising Margaret Thatcher’s Enterprise Allowance scheme, a business plan was assembled and shortly afterwards ‘The Carlton Business Centre’ was launched.

Over the years we have been privileged to meet a large number of interesting businessmen and women who were either ‘start-ups’ or moving out of the spare room into their first office or moving from a smaller office elsewhere to something more spacious here.

There is rarely a dull moment.

A few years ago a well-spoken gentleman and his assistant came to see me looking for space to expand the charity they managed. A deal was negotiated for one office and now ‘Wiltshire Air Ambulance’ occupy seven offices within our facility whilst another of our tenants ‘Box Property Group’ set about designing a new home for Wiltshire Air Ambulance, including a helicopter base, visitor centre and office in central Wiltshire. Wiltshire Air Ambulance are planning to occupy this new home in 2018. Rather than considering this to be a tenant lost, we prefer to look upon it as another success story for ‘The Carlton Business Centre’.

Over the years we have undertaken a continuous improvement programme at the Centre including: –

  • Meeting rooms, one with digital projector
  • Expanding the number of offices
  • Fast fibre optic broadband
  • Kitchens on each floor
  • LED lighting with P.I.R. switching to common areas
  • Disabled access ramp to entrance door
  • CCTV cameras for added security
  • External chill-out area
  • Programmed car park expansion later this year

We are planning to undertake some works to our access road this year which will include surface water infrastructure and resurfacing the tarmacadam.

‘The Carlton Business Centre’ assists ‘start-ups’ with mailboxes and hot-desking often following on to renting a small office on an ‘easy in, easy out’ basis. A number of our longer term tenants progress to leases which provide them with more certainty for the future. All the paperwork is provided, without charge, by ‘The Carlton Business Centre’, keeping costs down for our customers. Should you wish to view one of our fully furnished offices or discuss meeting rooms, mailboxes or hot-desking please email [email protected] or telephone 01249 816222. We will be pleased to talk to you.