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Carlton Business Centre Floor Plan

Room NumberFloorStatusRoom Size Sq. FtNumber of WorkstationsPrice pcm
101groundoccupied218.5 sq. ft3N/A
102groundoccupied158.22 sq. ft2N/A
103groundoccupied229.27 sq. ft3N/A
104groundoccupied258.33 sq. ft4N/A
105groundoccupied314.30 sq. ft5N/A
106groundoccupied269.09 sq. ft4N/A
107/107agroundoccupied177.60 sq. ft3N/A
199.13 sq. ft2price on application
109groundoccupied106.56 sq. ft2N/A
109agroundoccupied65.65 sq. ft1N/A
110groundoccupied219.58 sq. ft3N/A
201firstoccupied229.27 sq. ft3N/A
202firstoccupied168.99 sq. ft2N/A
203firstoccupied245.41 sq. ft3N/A
204firstoccupied119.47 sq. ft1-2N/A
119.47 sq. ft1-2N/A
206firstoccupied333.68 sq. ft5N/A
207firstoccupied258.33 sq. ft4N/A
208firstoccupied199.13 sq. ft3N/A
209firstoccupied421.94 sq. ft6N/A
210firstoccupied109.79 sq. ft1-2N/A
211firstoccupied109.79 sq. ft1-2 N/A
212firstoccupied 407.97 sq. ft6N/A
213firstoccupied485.45 sq. ft8N/A