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Flexible Co-working in Calne

The way we work in business is ever changing.  The Brexit deadline is imminent, and things feel uncertain for some businesses and enterprises.  The prospect of taking on or renewing a traditional office lease may seem a daunting prospect for a fledgling or struggling business.

A recent report in the Business Leader states that flexible workspace will account for 5.5% of the London office market by year end. This is identifying that people want to work on more flexible terms and the market is rising to meet that demand.

The prospect of working from home isn’t always productive for everyone.  Some find that with the distractions of homelife it is an impossible place to concentrate.  Wrangling children, dogs/cats, spouses and other daily dramas are not always the most enlightening space to achieve greatness.

An office is not just a place to work, it’s about community and culture and camaraderie and above all professionalism.

What is a ‘Perfect’ Co-working space?  An individual’s idea of what they desire in a workspace can change from person to person, there are many varying degrees of what is out there.  When shopping for a space to work, what do you have on your top 5 list of things you yearn for? Wi-Fi? Close to home? Flexible terms? Reasonably priced? Friendly co-workers?

At Carlton Business Centre, we offer a large co-working space for just £10 per day including refreshments with excellent Wi-Fi. You can book online using the link below and join our community of co-workers.

We are ever evolving in this time of change and we love to listen to the feedback of our clients.  We would like to put in motion ways to make your day to day working lives easier and stress free.  We would like your comments on your desired co-working requirements.  As much as we would like to provide chocolate fountains and head massages, we may be limited at what we can do but we will try our very best to fill all reasonable requests!

How you enjoy your time at Carlton Business Centre.  What can we do to make your time here productive, industrious and creative?  Would you benefit from a specific sector day where you can co-work with other like-minded people? Your comments and feedback are welcomed.

We hope to see you soon at Carlton Business Centre, tell all your friends.

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