Press Release: Zero Notice Exit Policy

aboutAt the Carlton Business Centre we’ve always been an enthusiastic supporters of entrepreneurship that’s why I wanted to make it even easier for startups to make the move to a serviced office.

Therefore, I would like to announce that we’re offering a zero notice exit policy for any new tenants whose business has begun trading within the last 12 months. Available immediately, this unique offer aims to help small businesses move from their home office into professional office space by reducing the financial commitment.

At the Carlton Business Centre new tenants can currently rent an office within 2 days, so this zero notice exit initiative fits in with our ‘easy in, easy out’ policy of renting office space.

In the recession we’ve seen a boom in startup businesses, often started by people in their spare room who’ve been made redundant. It’s my hope that this new policy will make the move from home to serviced offices less intimidating.

In this difficult financial climate we should all pull together to grow our economy and while making it easier for startup business to make the transition from home to a serviced office is only a small gesture; I hope it will be a significant one for those businesses it helps.

Press release download: Zero Notice Policy

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Alistair Fenwick

Educated at a local grammar school, before attending college in London and working on various projects in the Middle and Far East. Founded Carlton Business Centre in 1992 using the ethos that it should be easy for businesses to make the move to a business centre in an as user friendly way as possible. Having run a number of his own companies he is well aware of the requirements of potential and existing tenants. Alistair has a son who works in London and a daughter who lives and works in Dubai. He has two grandchildren. He has an interest in two further businesses, as well as keeping fit and participating in a number of different sports.

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