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Carlton Calne -Autumn 2019

Can you be-‘Leaf’ we are in October already?

On 31st October 2019 we will relish SHRIEKS and SCREAMS of Halloween, but this year will we also be shrieking and screaming about Brexit when the UK finally leaves the EU? It seems like we are in a ‘DAY OF THE DEAD’ limbo of uncertainty with any professional and even personal decisions we make right now as we cannot predict what GHASTLY GHOULS will unfold after Brexit.

We at Carlton Business Centre know how SPOOKY it can be to commit to a long-term business contract, so we offer an ‘easy in-easy out’ arrangement with our tenancy agreements with no SCARY exit charges. With the aim of removing the HORRORS of setting up a traditional office you can avoid the financial NIGHTMARE and the MURDEROUS commitment, and you will be in your own warm, snuggly, comfy cosy office before you can say TOFFEE APPLE!

**Whilst we are in this SPELLBINDING mood, we are offering prospective new tenants 10% off the first 3 months of rent**

We here at Carlton Business Centre, embrace the Autumnal feeling of things coming to an end in preparation for winter. HARVEST festivals that have taken place in the local schools and churches of Calne boast of colourful and abundant altar displays of wheat and PUMPKINS and tinned goods donated for those in need for the DARKNESS to come. The PUMPKIN SPICE lattes start appearing in Costa Coffee in town and it makes you feel like curling up in front of a roaring fire with a small dog. Christmas Chocolates have started to appear prematurely and rudely UNINVITED on the shelves in Tesco and its starting to feel like it’s time to get the ‘Big’ coat out again. Winter is coming….

In a few weeks, it will be yet another half term break for our little GOBLINS and WITCHES, surely, they have only just gone back to school you say! With the good old British weather already showing us just how much rain, it can produce in a day, we must find things to amuse our little DEVILS, like pumpkin carving at Whitehall Garden Centre in Lacock? Or TRICK or TREAT the little MONSTERS to a day at Bowood adventure playground on the TERRIFYING and tantalising ‘Death’ Slide!

If you are a self-employed WITCH or a Home-based WIZARD, trying to be productive at home is near on BLOODCURDLING! If you need to find somewhere quiet to work without the distractions of GRUESOME kids or ‘HAUNTED’ Housework, get on your BROOMSTICKS and fly down to Carlton House, Maundrell Road There is no HOCUS POCUS here, for just £10 per day you can co-work and make the MAGIC happen. If you’ve got it, haunt it!

One of our offices at Carlton Business Centre 

Creep it real 😉

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