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TESCO comes to Calne

It is somewhat old news now that Tesco opened their latest supermarket in Calne at the end of November 2017.

The part that most non Tesco people will be unaware of is that Carlton Business Centre played an important role in this event.

Tesco needed to employ over 250 staff to work in the new store and so they approached Carlton Business Centre as a possible location for their Recruitment Centre. This required over 1000 interviews.

Unfortunately we were almost full at the time, but we agreed to a three month lease on the offices that were available plus some further accommodation in Portacabins temporarily located in our car park.

The agreed rent also included the use of our Meeting Room for a set number of days per month.

Once staff had been appointed Carlton Business Centre was used for staff inductions.

The management at Carlton Business Centre are pleased to have been asked to assist Tesco with this project and we wish them every success in their new venture, which they inform us is trading well in excess of all expectations.


Alistair Fenwick