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10 Ways to Quit Your Job in Style

We all daydream about quitting that job we hate by sticking two fingers up to “the Man”, but for most of us it’s a fantasy that we would never act out. After all, we usually need a reference and most of us find giving notice stressful enough without the showmanship.

But what if you were quitting to start your own business? Would it matter then? Probably, it’s never wise to burn bridges unnecessarily, you never know who you might bump into down the line and a bad reputation can be difficult to shake off.

At the Carlton Business Centre we support those brave souls who’ve quit their job (responsibly) to start their own business. If you’ve handed in your notice and need an office then get in touch, our low monthly fee with no commitment is ideal for start-up businesses.

So rather than risk your own good name, take a few minutes to watch how other people quit their job in style. Please be aware, these videos contain swearing and are probably not safe for work.

1. An unknown man at at unknown workplace quits while rocking out to Bohemian Rhapsody.

2. Joey quits his job at a Renaissance Hotel by enlisting the help of a marching band.

3. Charlo Greene left her job during a live TV broadcast to focus on marijuana legalization by saying “f*ck it, I quit.”

4. It turned out to a hoax but it’s still a great way to quit.

5. Marina Shifrin quit her job by making a video dancing at the office.

6. With the help of a barbershop quintet on the Steve Harvey Show, this man quit his job as a barista.

7. Jon Michael Turner quit the Marines after removing his medals. He then described his experience in Iraq. (Some of his experience are extremely graphic and may be considered disturbing to some.)

8. This guy quit his job at an insurance company, mariachi band in tow, while dressed up as a banana.

9. Gwen Dean quit her job during a commercial for the Super Bowl with the help of GoDaddy.

10. RT anchor Liz Wahl resigned on live TV, stating that she “cannot be part of a network funded by the Russian government that whitewashes the actions of Putin.”

Have you quit your job in an unusual way? Let us know in the comments below.